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The EBF Foot Parties is the spot for locals and new comers who want to experience a great time after dark . You are guaranteed a one of a kind experience each time you step inside the foot party.

ElegantBareFeet features the most beautiful ladies in Los Angeles in a relaxing, chilled setting.

We invite a wide range of foot ladies for you to meet, mingle and have a one on one foot play. What they all share in common is their friendly personality, amazing looks and stunning feet. ElegantBareFeet is only based in or around the Los Angeles areas. Our Foot Parties features open foot session spots or if you want to be comfortable, we also include session booths for a more intimate foot play.So either you like to meet foot models, talk about your foot fetish experience with others or just enjoy the music and food. ElegantBareFeet is definitely the place to be.

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ElegantBareFeet has been doing foot parties since 2010. We came along way to become who we are. Although I will say, our foot fetish parties are not just any simple foot party.  Our vision is to create an environment where everyone with a foot fetish can feel accepted and not be judge for having a unique fetish that is so common and hated by society.  Here inside the parties, is like becoming part of the fetish family. Mingle with everyone and make new short or long term friends. Expressing yourself and can relate with others with the similar foot fetish.

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The Foot Models

Our goal here is to bring women with gorgeous feet. Bringing women from any race, ethnic background, color, height and size. It doesn’t matter as long they have the best looking feet for the ordinary man. Like that saying goes “ beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”.  Every man has their own unique taste for feet but for the most part, Many men love that “girl next door” type you always see when walking at the mall, beach, grocery shopping, them parks, swimming pools or even that neighbor that often looks hot when she goes out on her yard almost barefoot or even in sexy footwear.

ElegantBareFeet occasionally bring fresh new foot models to the party. But, we still have a couple  of recurrent models that still enjoys the scene with the guys. So come and check it out and see which sexy feet gets your attention. Whether you like sucking, biting, licking, massaging, tickling, smelling or even being trampled and follow the foot party rules. Then this foot party is for you!

Foot Party Location

Our location is what makes the foot party. We do not have a permanent spot. But, we do get to move around and set the foot parties depending on location if it helps fit. From private location to residential homes. But we do tend to stay longer doing parties in that same location. But most of all, It has to be in or around the Los Angeles area. Out of L.A. Parties had happen but not often.

The foot parties are private but open to the foot fetish community. Peoples privacy has been very important to us. So there is no recording or photo shot allowed inside the foot party. We do have to respect peoples discretion no matter what.

Now you really want to know what goes inside the foot parties? I do add a couple of stalls so whoever wants to get relax and enjoy a one on one foot session with one of the foot models.

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